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Option traders should invest in insurance.

Option traders should invest in insurance. Many of my connections in the real estate world took the initiative this year to learn about option trading and are actively relying on this strategy for income and wealth creation.   Congratulations if you have taken the...

Infinite Banking is not Life Insurance

I have been getting a lot of inquires lately about infinite banking life insurance. Firstly, infinite banking is not life insurance.   But rather, infinite banking is a concept.   There are many other descriptions for the same idea.    Be your own banker.   Circle of...
You Don’t Know Jack

You Don’t Know Jack

Jack is 45 and he just purchased $1,000,000 of Term 20 insurance. He pays $1,930 to the insurance company every year. The plan is to drop the insurance after 20 years. His family won't need it. Mortgage will be paid off. Wealth will be amassed. Children are through...

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