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Safe Withdrawal Rate

If you are not familiar with the term “Safe Withdrawal Rate” you should be.   Its the key factor to guide you in determining how much money you can withdrawal from your savings each year once you reach retirement.     Nobody wants to run out of money.    So using this...

How we benefited from the Coronavirus stock market crash Part II – Whole Life Insurance and the Coronavirus Crisis

In Part I of Whole Life Insurance and the Coronavirus I illustrated how our insurance policies rescued us from a potentially financially devastating situation last March when the full impact of the Coronavirus hit Canada.   I encourage you to read Part I and how...
Certainty of Money

Certainty of Money

The certainty of money in the future creates a world in which we can behave very differently now.   Let’s take a look at a simple example.   Imagine that you were entitled to a $500K bonus from your company, but the caveat is that it would not be paid out for 5...

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