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Insure Your Lifestyle

As a Wealth Strategist the number one question I get from people approaching retirement is, “How much do I need to retire?”   And far too often we are not having the “What’s my number?” discussion early enough in the financial planning process.     Real Estate has...

Use Debt Strategically

Coming from European parents, especially my Dutch father, paying off debt was probably the most important financial truth instilled in us at an early age. You never owed people money. You always paid your credit card off 100% every month. And you worked hard to be...
Reduce RSP Exposure

Reduce RSP Exposure

If what you KNEW to be true about RSPs was not true, when would you want to know? What is the number one reason Canadians contribute to an RSP?     It’s not to save for retirement.   It’s to LOWER THEIR TAXES THIS YEAR.    But this approach can often be a big...

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