Real Estate is a core foundation of our clients’ wealth plans.     They generally rely on the income and appreciation in a significant form in retirement.

However, we are well aware that things don’t always go as plan and we use infinite banking policies as a way to grow our real estate holdings,  AND significantly reduce risk within financial plans.

What can possibly go wrong with real estate?   Well … a lot over a 20-to-30-year retirement period.

  1. You are almost guaranteed to own real estate during a major market pull back when you invest through a 20-to-30-year retirement period.    If your plan was to sell or refinance a property at a certain point to fund a few years of income … without a back up plan you may be forced to sell at a really bad time.
  2. What if tax rates or capital gains tax rates increase significantly, seriously lowering your after-tax profit?
  3. The death, job loss or retirement of a mortgage qualifier can easily reduce or limit your ability to pull equity out through a refinance.
  4. Similarly a change in refinance rules, eg) moving from a minimum equity of 35% from 20%, can really affect your plan to access the capital without having to sell.
  5. It is often said that having a non-paying tenant and going through an eviction process is a matter of when, not if.   Having just gone through one, the process was 13 months between when payments stopped, and eviction happened – with no hope of recovering the income and legal fee loss in excess of 20K.


When you depend on this income in retirement, would it make sense to have a back up plan?

What’s the solution?

The solution is to protect your assets … the source of your retirement income.   And wealth insurance is the perfect answer to this problem.   In retirement our cash value insurance policy will have 3 to 4 years’ worth of income.

We will be in retirement, if all goes well, for 20 to 30 years.   There will be problems.    We can go to our insurance policy’s cash value for (tax free) income.    And give us time to wade out the storm.    With insurance, we will not be forced to sell at a bad time.

In fact, it gets even better.   We can access the cash values much earlier than retirement to continue to grow our real estate portfolio during our wealth building years.   Personally we have purchased three properties by accessing the cash values in our policies.

Additional Benefits of Cash Value Insurance

The obvious one is you have the insurance coverage that you want, and need should you die prematurely.

But wealth insurance also protects you if you live an exceptionally long life, as the tax-free growth grows exponentially over time.    Having the insurance policy allows you to create an income from other assets knowing the value is replaced in the later years of the policy.

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