If you could design the perfect investment, what characteristics would it entail?

  • Safe, maybe even guaranteed
  • A Great Rate of Return is a must
  • It would be great if you could use it as collateral and borrow against it.
  • Being able to take money out when needed or put money into the account with a high degree of flexibility.
  • And if it was Tax free that would be amazing, all of the growth, no matter when you access your money.
  • You’d probably like it to be free from creditors, just in case.
  • And offer a certain level of protection when something bad happens.
  • The ability to create cash flow would be a significant feature.
  • But not take up a lot of time to manage.
  • Free from fees of course.
  • And it would be nice if it was private.

If such an investment vehicle existed, when would you want to hear about it?   If there was a way to get a great, flexible, tax free, safe, investment that offered you a great rate of return, protection, and a high degree of flexibility would there be any reason why you would not want to participate?

As a Wealth Plan Coach I show people how to use wealth insurance to achieve this and more within their Better Built Plan.   Shouldn’t you have a Better Built Plan?